What Is Done During Cleaning?

What is done during cleaning? This is a further elaboration from common questions asked (i.e. FAQs) by both cleaners / helpers and clients (house owners, homemakers and business owners).

What is the job scope? May I have a list of things to be done? Do you have a cleaning checklist?

– Most commonly asked questions from homeowners

Find answers to all these, and more, here!

First of all, many bookings for MEIDE household services request for tasks or chores to be completed within a desired timeframe. Indeed, it is understandable that many homeowners have budget and time constraints. Therefore, via personalised booking discussions, we would give our recommendation on proposed number of hours and number of cleaners to meet your needs! Through this, we can achieve the best budget and price for your cleaning needs too! Without further ado, to start off, here is a clear diagram for homeowners to review what cleaning options, and home locations they would require cleaning for:

Select Home Locations and Cleaning Options

BedroomsDressings RoomsStudy Rooms, Guest Rooms, Adjoining Rooms
Living Room(s)Dining Area(s)Corridors or Walkways in Your House
ToiletsKitchen – Wet and DryLaundrette / Laundry Area
Staircases*Balcony / Patio*Porch / Reception Area*
Curtain CleaningBlinds CleaningUpholstery (eg. Sofa, Mattress) Cleaning
Window CleaningMold RemovalCarpet Cleaning / Vacuuming
Grout CleaningFloor ScrubbingSanitisation and Steam Cleaning
Furniture / Appliances CleaningRust Removal*Exterior Area(s) services should always be discussed with MEIDE before booking confirmation
What Can Be Done During House Cleaning by MEIDE.SG

Read on for the specifics of cleaning of each location. Meanwhile do note that you do not need to select all options because that would mean pretty high costs for you! However, this is a good guide if it is your first time hiring part time maids or home helpers. At MEIDE, almost anything house-owners require to make the house and living conditions cleaner and tidier can be included!

Basic Workflow and Guide For Cleaning

Here, we elaborate on the specifics of cleaning of each location. Regardless of different booking requests, our team at MEIDE.SG has set the basic workflow for cleaners / helpers as a guide to follow. The guide is especially helpful when owners prefer for cleaners to simply do the work by themselves without instructions or specific requests. Otherwise, as protocol, we place customers’ requests as priority.

A list of the basic workflow for cleaners/helpers is as below:

  1. Bedsheets changed, washed, and arranged as per homeowner requests. This task is prioritised first to maintain the clean hygiene of your sleeping area and bedroom!
  2. Wipe down and cleaning of all surfaces – including tables, cupboard, cabinets and drawers.
  3. Sweep and mop all floor surfaces and corners. Deep scrubbing, grout and mold removal needs to be specifically requested.
  4. Scrub kitchen stove and sink. Deep rust and mold removal, and cleansing for plumbing fixtures require specific requests.
  5. General toilet washing of the shower area, toilet bowl, sink and floor area. These will be scrubbed and wiped down. Deep scrubbing of the walls, tiles, drains, as well as bathtub washing should be indicated if required as these may need more intensive work and special tools.
  6. Dustbins are all cleared. (Kindly provide the cleaner/helper with your preferred trash bin liners as desired)

Additional services – see below:

^ Furniture dusted or wiped.

^ Exterior of appliances may be degreased, dusted or wiped. Interior of appliances are only cleaned as per owner request/cleaner discretion.

^ Laundry can be done – washed (except handwashing), folded and arranged. All ironing needs to be specifically requested.

^ Washing dishes – can be done as per owner request and cleaner discretion

^ Windows, ledges and grills washing can be done if time permits. If you specifically require this as a priority, kindly indicate to us too. Our managers would advise on proposed time/manpower.

Packing and moving^ can be done as per owner request and cleaner discretion

Any other extra things owner request also within manpower, resource and time capacity.

^ Note that these additional services such as laundry, ironing, moving heavy objects, curtain/blinds, carpet and upholstery cleaning, hand-washing of large amounts of dishes/clothes need to be requested. Extra charges may apply. Services that are usually not included are: cleaning exterior windows/ledges, hand washing, cleaning of personal items and expensive products (eg. Leather Seats/Sofa, TV, Computers, Fridge, Ovens, Washer/Dryer, etc), aircon, ceiling cleaning including ceiling fans (most helpers are ok to do this within the reasonable floor-to-ceiling height of <2.6m in HDBs and if ladder provided, and in particular, male cleaners are more likely to be willing – however this is usually based on owner and cleaner discretion as most companies do not insure against this for safety reasons), – these are to protect the cleaners and prevent accidents. However, if you require such services, kindly contact us directly for a personalised solution!

V.I.P Services

Disclaimer: every client’s needs are different. At MEIDE, we provide individualised services. This means that we try our best to match your exact/specific requirements as much as we can. You may observe this when BOOKING A CLEANING with us. Specific requests can be provided, whether via our online booking form, WhatsApp or email. All our clients and potential clients are highly encouraged to elaborate on their specific needs in detail, as much as possible. The better the detail, the higher the chance of your needs being fully met! The huge advantage of working with MEIDE.SG is that we do not use “fully automated” systems, robots, or AI to match you with your service provider. We believe that the human touch is critical and ever essential in arranging our sales and bookings.

Book your cleaning with us and experience MEIDE.SG as a V.I.P customer today!